1.27.23 Chariot of Choice

Settle in, friends. Lots to see and learn here.

First, SunnyPalooza. Birthday’s are just more fun when they fall on Saturday, amirite? So this year for the big 3-6 we’re throwing a full blown multi event par-tay!

  • ALS One announced that they were bringing back the 50 in 1 Bar Crawl for ALS and Team #HicoILikeO got the great state of Texas on the map. Since it falls on 2/4 it makes sense to include some awareness efforts within the festivities.
  • All you need to do is patronize my favorite hometown on the 4th and check in on social using the hashtags #barcrawlforals and #sunnystrong
  • Visit Historic Hico, TX for ideas on where to eat, stay, shop and play while you’re in town.
  • After you bounce around Hico, plan to join us at the Green Canoe where we’ll have karaoke, good food, and live music from THE Clayton Landua. I’m so excited I can hardly stand it.

Next, Super Bowl squares. $10 per square and $125 payout per quarter.

  • Board 1 is selling quickly and Board 2 will be available as soon as the first sells out
  • If it says “Sold Out” please pick a different square and if you need any assistance just let me know
  • I’m proud to share that the funds raised are going towards a special trip to Washington DC in mid February to attend a conference and day on Capitol Hill with More Than Our Stories
  • Getting back on the Hill to share my story and advocate for my fellow pALS is a dream come true. This trip checks a lot of my new year plans: disruption, transparency, taking up space, and being consistent.

Last, is just insanity. With my birthday approaching quickly I have been putting off the painful task of getting my drivers license renewed. This time I had to check the box indicating that I had been diagnosed with a disability that would have an impact on my ability to operate a motor vehicle which then required me to take a driving test. Let the record show that I didn’t have to take a driving test to get this license because I did drivers education through Hico High School. Furthermore, my teacher told me that I would never have to parallel park and for 20 years he was right, until yesterday when that was the first item on the test. Somehow, holy guacamole and praise Jesus I passed. Don’t expect to see me out hot-rodding other than in my chair, it’s still my chariot of choice.

“And life has a funny way of helping you out When you think everything’s gone wrong And everything blows up in your face”

Alanis Morissette

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