6.28.21 And Then This Happened

That's how my friend Sara Cooper started every post, "And then this happened" always progressing her story with excitement and joy. Every time I shared a post she ALWAYS encouraged me by adding the hashtag #letskicksomeals Sara is being memorialized all over social media and her beauty continues to shine on through each post.So, in … Continue reading 6.28.21 And Then This Happened

10.30.19 Provision

Y'all, I'm going to be completely honest for a second. No sugar coating, no pretending, no nothing. Are you ready for this truth bomb? I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. Like none. Zip. Zero. Nada. We're coming up on my 5 year anniversary of being diagnosed with a disease that was supposed to … Continue reading 10.30.19 Provision

1.8.19 Top 8 of 2018

January 4th was my 2 year anniversary of blogging. I started this blog as an outlet, mostly entertaining and very little education, but it has blossomed into more than I could ever imagine. The opportunities, the doors that have opened, the friends made are just the beginning of my journey. In 2018 we had a … Continue reading 1.8.19 Top 8 of 2018

9.4.18 Sprinkles, Vegetables, and Clayton Landua

August was an impactful month, proof is in the stats: 3035 views 1295 visitors 38 likes 8 comments 23 different countries And that's just on the blog! Facebook stats: 2374 post engagements 1402 video views 4616 people reached We also share our passion on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Each of you that has read these … Continue reading 9.4.18 Sprinkles, Vegetables, and Clayton Landua

7.17.18 Podcast Links

Did you get to listen yesterday? Click here for SoundCloud Click here for Podcasts.com Click here for iTunes Photo credit Hanna Huff: hannalynncreative.com ABOUT TOVA Tova Sido has a fierce love for Jesus Christ.  Period. Not because she knows everything about Him or has it all figured out.  She loves Jesus because she understands how … Continue reading 7.17.18 Podcast Links

7.15.18 Restoration

Days turned into weeks, weeks into months and my depression never lifted. Depression is a tricky beast, physically I was fine but mentally and emotionally I was drowning. Even really good days were overwhelming, the emotions too much to enjoy. The toughest part was I couldn't make sense of what was going on with myself, … Continue reading 7.15.18 Restoration

5.1.18 My Hearts Desire

May is ALS Awareness Month! My desire is to live in a world without ALS. Until that happens, I'm going to continue raising awareness for this horrible disease. Join us in the fight! We’re a group of crazies causing havoc, running a’muck, and giving ALS a run for it’s money! You don’t have to be crazy … Continue reading 5.1.18 My Hearts Desire