7.15.18 Restoration

Days turned into weeks, weeks into months and my depression never lifted. Depression is a tricky beast, physically I was fine but mentally and emotionally I was drowning. Even really good days were overwhelming, the emotions too much to enjoy. The toughest part was I couldn’t make sense of what was going on with myself, I couldn’t process the emotions and spent days in bed or hiding at home.

The Cornhole Tournament at Po Campo in Hico was a major turning point for me. Hugs, encouragement, love, and comfort food from the amazing village that raised me was exactly what I needed. Since that event my entire demeanor has changed. I’m excited to get up every day, my efforts have renewed energy that had been zapped.

It’s hard to explain what it’s like to be from a small town, but it’s easy to see and feel. ALS does not define me, but being from Hico does. The support and love that is so freely given by so many people is all consuming. I can not say thank you enough to Hico for loving me through this disease.

Thank you to everyone who came out and sweated with us through cornhole.

Thank you to the Hico Volunteer Fire Department for donating the bounce house for the day.

Thank you to the Hico Athletic Booster Club for donating the snow cone machine.

Thank you Bre and Brent at Po Campo for feeding us, housing us for the day, and for running out before we each gained 20 pounds. Thank you Jerry and The Hico News Review for always sharing what is going on and keeping everyone connected.

Thank you to “Your Mother’s Ass” for entertaining us throughout the event.

Thank you Jimbobble and Thindy for being SunnyStrongs fearless leaders. I love y’all separately, I love y’all together, I love y’all sweaty and I love y’all entirely.

Thank you for coming out. Thank you for the hugs, kind words, love, and donations. I’m so very, very thankful each of you are mine. Thank you for restoring me.

AND last but certainly not least, Thank You to Lee Cole for fixing Mom & Mitch’s AC so we didn’t kill each other from the heat. As Casey said, “Not all super heroes wear capes”.

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