6.28.21 And Then This Happened

  • That’s how my friend Sara Cooper started every post, “And then this happened” always progressing her story with excitement and joy. Every time I shared a post she ALWAYS encouraged me by adding the hashtag #letskicksomeals Sara is being memorialized all over social media and her beauty continues to shine on through each post.
  • So, in honor of my friend Sara I’m sharing my “and then this happened” story. Somehow it’s the end of June, where has 2021 gone? Somehow it’s been a year since my divorce finalized, a year in my own house, a year of living that Hico dream. It’s important to acknowledge the chaos of emotions surrounding my divorce. I pray for Kenneth every day because anger or scared feelings are too heavy, and it’s truly exhausting to worry about him. It’s easier to pray my hurt away than to focus on why it hurts so much. Then God pops fun reminders like this one into my path and I’m strengthened by his promise to keep me safe while I continue to process everything.

    And then this happened: my chair died. Baloo and I went for a walk and didn’t make it home. Even better, my phone couldn’t make a call out or a text for rescue. I was stuck, stranded, and sitting in the middle of the street. My new best friend, whether he likes it or not, was taking out his trash, spotted me, and pushed me the block and a half home. He told me about his first wife, married 30 years before she passed, was in a chair for the majority of their marriage. We shared about the obstacles involved with living in a world made for walking, not wheelchairs. He reminded me that love conquers all. I thanked him with LOTS of popcorn from Hico Popcorn Works. I love living in Hico.

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