2.22.17 – Kind Stranger

On Wednesday I attended the State of our city address with Mayor Betsy Price. Easily one of my favorite lunches that the Chamber puts on every year. I am fortunate to live in the greatest city on Earth and immediately following lunch I was reminded why:

I was waiting outside of the convention center for my boss to get the car and pick me up. this cab pulls up and he’s saying “hang on, hang on”, throws it in park and stops all of traffic because he thought i was blind because of my trekking pole and needed help crossing the street 😂😂😂

I apologized, he apologized, and I still haven’t stopped laughing. 

other memorable moments from the lunch:

my Mattie #iHico #HicoILikeO

my Marilyn #goldenbeauties #mymentor #myfriend

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