2.24.17 Pseudobulbar Affect (PBA)

If there’s a silver lining to ALS, easily this is it. According to the Mayo Clinic, 

“This condition is characterized by an involuntary and uncontrollable reaction of laughter or crying that’s disproportionate to an event. The crying or laughing may start as a response to a situation, such as a sad movie, but the feelings are more intense and last longer than expected. They’re difficult or impossible to stop.”

Sounds fun, right? I’ve been giggly my entire life, laughing is something I not only enjoy but I’m really, really good at. So far I haven’t had any crazy episodes, unless you count the day after my last major fall where I was crying and laughing manically,  but I think that was more shock and exhaustion. I’ve been fortunate enough to have a prescription that helps keep it in all in check, sometimes. 

PBA or not, there are 3 girls that can get me to laughing so hard, at completely inappropriate times, and ridiculously disruptive to everyone around us at a record setting speed. Luckily for everyone in the movie theater last night, the four of us were together and at the top of our game. 

I’m sure there were disgruntled patrons behind us, and if you know anyone who was offended by my inappropriate laughter during 50 Shades darker please tell them it’s all Jaci’s fault. She started it. 

Shelby dropped the ENTIRE bag of popcorn, Jaci kept me laughing at all of the quiet parts, and thank goodness Ashley was at the opposite end or we would have been asked to leave. It was a fun, easy night with 3 of my favorite people celebrating a 30-something birthday. God definitely knew what he was doing when he brought these beauties into my life, next time we should probably wait until it comes out on DVD…

This sweet boy was not happy with my late arrival, and he made sure I knew it. 

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