4.13.17 Taking this Show on the Road 

“‘Cause I’ve seen better days Been the star of many plays I’ve seen better days And the bottom drops out” – Citizen King

Today was setup to be a busy, productive, efficient day and I screwed it all up at 8:15 AM:

I had set Phil in my office because I needed both hands for the task of the moment, and was walking down the hall, tripped over my feet, and BAM! full body contact with the floor, nose first. Decided to share my ridiculousness with people other than my husband:

It•Was•Ugly 😑 blood everywhere, unrelenting gushes, and one beautiful cut right on top. 

Nothing brings a staff together quite like physical trauma. Thankfully I work with the most amazing people on the planet: they cleaned me up, told me I was still pretty, calmed me down, calmed Kenneth down, got me back on my feet and picked up my slack. “The show must go on” so everyone jumped in and helped out so that I could go home to rest. 

When I fell, my hair was down and soaked with blood and sweet, sweet Destini braided my disgusting hair to get it out of my face. 

Missing two, but this is my JA Family. They have taken care of me for years now, and together we are rewriting the typical story of ALS. 

Can YOU do me a favor? We have 4 Grand Prizes being awarded on June 3rd with each package containing $1000 in gift certificates to various restaurants. 

Click here to buy tickets: 1 for $10 | 3 for $20 | 8 for $50

Grand Prize Packages:

Each ticket purchased is scientifically proven to help me heal faster! If not for me, do it for the 27,000+ Tarrant Area students that receive our education programs. To learn more about JA, visit: www.jafortworth.org

Moral of the story: Stay on your feet and Buy ALL the Raffle Tickets 

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