4.15.17 Fractured 

So Thursday went to shit, very very quickly. 

Friday was scheduled to be a full day of packing and preparing for the big move next weekend. As it goes lately, those plans went out the window in a hurry. Woke up Friday with a gushing bloody nose that turned our bathroom into that of a gruesome murder scene. LOTS of paper towels, gagging and ice I was snuggled back in bed with a lot less blood and a pale husband. 

Mom and Mother-in-Love arrived to start packing and the bottom fell out again. This time it was the kitchen that looked like a murder scene. Lots of towels and mess, and off to urgent care we went. My favorite candystriper showed up

Urgent Care sent us to the ER but not before we COMPLETELY DESTROYED the patient room. Seriously, blood was everywhere. 

best comparison I could think of

Urgent Care called ahead to the ER, told us to stay bloody for expedited service, and off we went. Four hours later, my cat had been scanned, the bleeding had stopped, and we were headed home with Tylenol 3, Nose Spray, and a nose that is fractured on both sides. 

Thank you for all of the love and prayers and calls and hugs. We just have to let it heal on its own, so get ready for colorful bruising pictures. I love love love you guys!

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