5.15.17 Where’d 2017 Go?

how is it middle of May? where has 2017 gone?

Friday was a busy day in the Erasmus house:

  • celebrated 6 months of marriage
  • attended ALS Clinic at Texas Neurology with my Amy and my mother in love, Marietjie
  • Honored Great Aunt Mary with visitation and reception
  • Got our AC fixed, finally

I’d marry him all over again. So thankful Great Aunt Mary was there to celebrate our special day. I hope I live as long and as full of a life as she did. Loved hearing stories of her selfless love and commitment to others.

Clinic was wonderful as always. I love and appreciate Amy and Marietjie for going with me, for asking questions, and for being part of my support group. I had four falls since the last appointment so it’s time to explore mobility options. I have a hot date this week with Tom (my equipment guy) to shop scooters. We are going on explore private pay because insurance will only cover a chair every five years, so I don’t want to use my insurance until we’re ready to get something big (expensive). We talked to Dr. Heitzman about the new drug, and I’m on the list so now we just have to wait and see how everything plays out.

Our AC has been out for over a week. Patience with others, husbands especially, becomes very thin when you’re hot. It wasn’t miserable at night, but definitely not looking to go without ever again. Since our windows were open, Ian made friends with all the neighborhood cats and they frequently visited him in the middle of the night. Learning all about the joys of homeownership and fur mama to boys.

Saturday was equally as busy:

  • Kenneth worked
  • We laid Aunt Mary to rest under the tree with Doc
  • Lunched with a whole bunch of Brous’
  • Got new furniture
  • loved on my niece and nephew
  • Introduced Baloo to the Cromie’s

Wendy snuck away to say hi to Pop

new sectional

Sunday was spent at church and family time loving on Marietjie. We love our mamas!

Kenneth and I are blessed with the best mamas. Thank goodness the good Lord surrounded us with amazing mamas, it definitely takes a village to keep us in check.

I still don’t know where May went, but we’re one step closer to Mexico and that’s absolutely wonderful.

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