6.14.17 Epic Day 

According to Rachel Shatz:
“Im not Meredith or Christina on Greys Anatomy, I dont just have my one person, I have multiple people. And those people have made me the person I am today.”

“But despite the differences, all the various personality types somehow mesh well with mine in one way or another. Each best friend is like a puzzle piece to my heart (so corny, but thats me), and each one comes together to complete an important facet of who I am.”
“Surround yourself with people who love you and who can give you what you need in life, and who you can do the same for in return. That is what it truly means to have and to be a best friend.”

Yesterday was amazing. Our Tribe hit some big milestones. 

The day started with phase one of Tattoos as part of Jen’s breast cancer construction. Then the day got epic! 

  • We had Rodeo goat for lunch and part two of graduation gifts for Dr. Dias.
  • Chiropractor (all of us needed readjusted) and it was Jen’s first Chiropractor visit EVER!!
  • Randy Adams for tattoos (all of us)
  • one piercing (Jen)- Christmas present from her husband
  • ending with Blue Mesa for happy hour.

It was a go big or go home kind of day. And Kenneth got to join for both meals, that’s exciting in my little world. Love wins in our tribe, and yesterday was major smack in the face to cancer and ALS. 

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