7.3.17 The Birds and The Bees

First comes love:

This weekend, Baloo learned all about the greatness that is girl dogs, especially older, more experienced blondes. Uncle Lancer and I enjoyed watching these two goofballs run around and play together. Bess kept Baloo in check, and Baloo learned about the intricate workings of glass doors (two full faced collisions). 

Then comes marriage:

This beautiful family joined together in a gorgeous wedding this weekend. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen Kyla Jaye so happy, and to see the way Westly loves our Laney Rose is everything friends pray for each other to find. Congrats to the newlyweds!

Then comes babies:

Bentley James Walker

Swayze Sue Rodriguez

Asher James Dysart

Three sweet babies that Aunt Sunny cannot wait to smooch on! All three will be here soon, potentially all this week, and all three Mamas are gorgeous! Please join me in covering these babies, their very ready Mamas, and each family in prayer as each prepares to bring healthy, happy, handsome/beautiful bundles of joy into the world. Aunt Sunny’s heart just might explode with love! 

Jarrett and Jake Mahan

And the icing on the cake of a wonderful weekend: I got to smooch these just turned two year olds and their cute parents! So fun seeing their personalities come out as they grow. 

Other fun pictures from the weekend:

Boo and Baloo relaxing at Mah’s

Peyton ready for church

farm fresh eggs

Cupcakes with Karter

Two of my favorite Hico Girls

My Lancer and Wedding Date

But no matter how fun a weekend away is, I’m always happy to be home with my boys 

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