7.5.17 Causing a Ruckus for ALS

Today is a big day, not just for me because I’m cued up to embarrass myself in front of a whole bunch of people, but because together we are raising awareness for ALS. This is a HUGE opportunity to cause a ruckus, to get people’s attention, and to bring light to this devastating disease. Trust me, just because you don’t have the pressure of throwing the ball, you can make a great impact with a few simple steps. I’ll break it out for those going to tonight’s Rangers game vs the Redsocks where yours truly is throwing out the ceremonial first pitch and those smart enough to stay in and watch it from the comfort of your couch and with AC.

For Everyone:

  • Game is 7:05 CST and will be aired on FSSW and NESN
  • Post on social media using hashtags: #alssucks #sunnystrong
  • Include blog when you can: sunnystrongblog.wordpress.com
  • Tag me in every post!

For those going to the game:

  • I am meeting the Rangers staff at Guest Services behind homeplate at 6PM
  • They told me to tell you to have your butt in your seat by 6:30
  • If you still want/need tickets, Call Casey Strader 817-273-5233
  • Jaci and Ashley will be handing out “Flat Sunny’s” to everyone, see them to get yours
  • Wear your SunnyStrong shirt (if possible)
  • We are meeting at the TOP of the 4th Inning at the concourse behind Section 205 for a group picture – do not be late!

For those watching at home:

  • Post like you’re at the game
    • Show us your setup
    • Let us see what you’re snacking/drinking on
  • Wear your SunnyStrong shirt (if possible)
  • Use the hashtags and tag me in all posts
  • Print your own “Flat Sunny” to watch the game with:

Flat Sunny

If you haven’t done so yet, please get involved with Team SunnyStrong:

Vivian Ward: In case I forget to tell you later, I had a really good time tonight. – Pretty Woman

Thank you for loving us through ALS. The Erasmus family loves you dearly!


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