7.15.17 Big Sister 3.0

I shared with you last week how my life changed the day I became a big sister. Also, I’ve shared with you before the greatness of Sister Cousins. But what you may not know is that God saw that I was such a good big sister that 7 days after I got my first installment of younger siblings, he promoted me with a third brown eyed beauty to call mine. 

Hear ye Hear ye The Princess Cass has arrived. 

This picture perfectly sums up our relationship: me, all up in hers and everyone else’s business and her, terrified. We could not be more opposite in personalities, in agendas or in our preferences towards crowds of people, and our relationship is stronger because of it. We push each other, we lean on each other, and we constantly build each other up to be smart, strong, hardheaded women – just like our mamas. 

See the resemblance?

So here I am, the big sister of three bouncing babies who are ready to soak up all of my wonderful advice:

like great hair cuts

or to be in front so you don’t fall off the infamous Junkle Jim

or how to master the art of looking cute while enjoying bathing suit popcicles at Grandma Houston’s house. 

28 years later we’re all still best friends, sisters, and brown eyed beauties. 

It’s been fun growing up together, celebrating everything together, and living life to the fullest together. 

I can’t wait to watch you marry SamP, and I’ve loved watching you grow as Walters mom. 

Happy 28th birthday, Liverface! Thanks for making me a big sister, again. I’m thankful everyday that you’re mine!

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