8.5.17 Work Work Work


Y’all know I’m crazy: crazy mentally, crazy busy, crazy in every form of the word. And you know I’m burning the candle with a blow torch at both ends and in the middle, I know you know because I hear it from every one of you, almost every day. But what you may not know is on top of the craziness I inflict on myself and my husband, I also have a full-time job.

Junior Achievement is a youth development program that takes volunteers from the community into the classroom and bridges the gap between what is being taught and how it’s applied in the work force. We serve K-12 students all over Tarrant county from our office, and over 4 million students in the United States. It’s a really, really cool organization that shows instant results of effectiveness in students who have completed the curriculum. Our education programs focus on entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and work force readiness.

Prior to JA, I served as a volunteer in multiple Weatherford elementary classrooms for 2 years. I loved every part of it, and it let my inner teacher out just long enough to not go crazy being around students all day. When I made the transition to JA, I was still in the classroom as much as I could be but that has fallen off my priorities as of late, which is why it made The List. I will get back into the classroom this semester, you have my word.

My days at JA are exactly what I envisioned my future job looking like: fast paced, customer oriented, an event planning guru, a water cooler, fun coworkers, and all hands on deck team for every event, program, or celebration.  Yes, for 3 years I have enjoyed my role in this organization and feel as though I’ve done more good than harm in that time. It’s a good feeling when you’re confident in the work that you do, and your ability to impact others through that work.

My major job function at JA is being in charge of our special events that raise close to half of our overall budget for the year. If I would have known years ago that I enjoyed asking people for money this much, I wouldn’t have waited until I was 27 to get started in the fundraising game. It’s awesome, we set a goal and we work as a team to go above and beyond to exceed it. We host high quality events that showcase our student’s accomplishments and show our donors how impactful their dollars and energy are for the future of our community. ROI in your face 🙂

You want to know why I’m telling you this? What color the rabbit was that I’m chasing with this insight on my job? It’s because one of those high quality, all hands on deck, impactful events that I love to coordinate is today. More than 18 companies, 400 bowlers, and lots energy is coming together today to celebrate for JA, raise money for our programs, and bowl. It’s going to be great! Summer Fun Bowl is my 2nd favorite event that we do at JA, so getting up and being there all day is a little easier.

With that being said, here is my formal apology for being quiet this week, both in my virtual life and my physical life. I’m not intentionally ignoring you, and believe me that you’re not the only one being ignored. I am sorry that you have been left to your own vices for entertainment, and I promise to do better after today. I hope that you have found solstice in the FW Inc magazine, or joined our MDA Walk Team, or our ALSA Walk Team or are joining us for a fun night in Hico for the Murder Mystery Dinner.

I hope to hug you soon, hope you enjoy reading the article, and hope you’ll join us for an event soon. ALS sucks all day, every day, but because of JA and other organizations campaigning to improve the life of others, my days are that much brighter.

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