8.15.17 Stop, Collaborate, and Listen

I’m busy. You’re busy. We’re busy. He’s busy. She’s busy. They’re busy. Too busy. So busy. Extremely busy. busy busy busy busy busy busy 

Let’s combine forces, let’s focus all of our busy energies and together let’s make a HUGE impact on defeating this life ending disease. 

SunnyStrong needs you to help cause a ruckus for ALS:

  • Join us at the Midland Hotel in Hico on 8/26 for the Murder Mystery dinner and raffle 
  • Tickets are limited, only 10 tickets left out of 25
  • $200 Event sponsorships and Raffle donations are being collected – let us know if you’re interested 

  • $15 per shirt
  • Shirt orders will be taken through 9/5
  • Delivery Options:
  1. Pick up at MDA Muscle Walk on 9/16 – free option 
  2. Pick up in Hico at MCSB after 9/16 – free option 
  3. Mailed to you after 9/16 – $6 flat rate shipping 


    • $7 Peyton Approved Magnetic Koozie 
    • Orders will be taken through 9/5
    • Pick up on 9/16 at MDA Walk
    • Pick up in Hico after 9/16
    • No additional shipping cost if ordered with shirts 

      The SunnyStrong crazies are ready to tackle ALS – Will you join us?

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