10.3.17 It’s Here! It’s Here!

Radicava is officially in my possession!

If you dumped ice water on your head, thank you!

If you criticized those dumping ice water on their head, thank you!

If you’ve walked, ran, or rolled for ALS, thank you!

If you watched me throw out the first pitch, or shared it afterwards, thank you!

If you donated to SunnyStrong, ALSA, MDA, ALS-TDI or any other organization in the name of ALS, thank you!

My future as a newly married, 30 year old dog and cat mom just got brighter because of the awareness, the donations, and the efforts of so many just like you who are loving us through this disease and determined to create a world without ALS.

Join us on November 4th at Trinity Park as Team SunnyStrong joins thousands of others in the Walk to Defeat ALS. Click here to register, donate, or signup as a virtual walker!

SunnyStrong Swag is also available: https://sunnystrong.ecwid.com/

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