Round 2, Day 6

Rating: 8

still rock’n the IV but we got it done. plan is to finish this round through IV then go see surgeon before next round starts. round 2’s 14 day period ends tuesday, then 14 days off, then round 3 starts wednesday november 29th. i️ have an appointment on the 30th with the surgeon’s office to access and troubleshoot the port.

today was my first day to celebrate not working. baloo and i️ took advantage of sleeping in then cranked up spice girls radio on pandora and knocked out 9 loads of laundry. definitely enjoyed the burst of energy and we soaked up some sunshine between loads. i️ promise to not be one of those people who lives in their jammies, but we’re not starting today. jammies, binged mindhunters on netflix, snuggles, and laundry – that’s how i️ celebrated not working.

aunt jaci finallyyyyyyy got here. tomorrow is clinic day so she’s here to slumber party with us and ian was excited to see her.

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