5.30.18 Tuesday the 15th


This was THE BIG DAY! We headed to Capitol Hill to advocate for ALS. Here’s what our asks are for each person we met with. Our group consisted of myself, Carlie, and Pete Quortrup.


We got to meet with each offices staffers. Here’s who we met with:

Such a cool experience! Our goal was to add a face to ALS so that when they go to vote or discuss with their peers, ALS isn’t just a disease in their mind. We spent some time sight seeing on our way back to the hotel, I can’t wait to go back to DC and see more. We heard many times that you can’t see DC all in one trip.

While waiting to meet in Kay Granger’s office, I got to spend time chatting with a living legend – he was nominated for TIME Magazine’s Man of the Year – and easily one of the most influential people I’ve ever me. Pat Quinn!

We were given these cards to hold while taking pictures throughout the week that showed why we were raising our voice in the fight against ALS. I forgot to print pictures but Carlie came in clutch. Unfortunately since this trip there’s another face added to the list.


Best surprise of the entire week: Washington DC had Dr. Pepper – whoo hoo!


This was one of the most impactful weeks of my life. I will attend this conference as many times as they will let me. I hate ALS, but this community of fighters is wonderful. It’s a sucky place to be and any one of us would jump ship if given the opportunity, but since we’re here together we might as well encourage and fight together. This week would not have been do-able without my Carlie. I’m glad she’s my sister, and that she puts up with me.


One thought on “5.30.18 Tuesday the 15th

  1. We had fun, didn’t we? Sunny, thanks for posting these pics. It was a great memory for me and it was so nice getting to spend time with you and Carlie. See you around the campus! 🙂


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