5.18.18 I Miss My Friends

“And with a broken wing, She still sings, She keeps an eye over the sky. With a broken wing, She carries her dreams, Man you oughta see her fly” – Martina McBride

We had to get creative in DC with our picture because I forgot to print out actual pics. Mad props to Carlie’s awesome interpretation of my girls. I’m raising my voice to fight ALS because these friends of mine no longer have a voice to raise.

Dewie Quortrup passed in October 2016 We met at my very first walk in Dallas in October 2015. She was drawn to my cousins bulldog, Walter, and we became instant friends. Her husband Pete was our lead this week on Capitol Hill and Dewie was with us in spirit.

Christi Zimmerman passed in July 2017, just one week before her daughters first birthday. We were introduced through the ALS Association Texas Chapter as I was seeking to connect with someone who had been diagnosed, processed that, and then chose to become pregnant. All of the literature I could find was on women diagnosed during or after pregnancy and I wanted to meet someone that chose motherhood over diagnosis. I learned so much from Christi about life, love, marriage, and motherhood while fighting ALS.

Sharon Hughes passed in April 2018. We were introduced through a mutual friend and immediately bonded through our fight. We kept in touch regularly and encouraged each other through prayer and love. Her daughters are now part of my family, forever entwined as my soul sisters.

Susan Wade passed in May of 2018. We attended our very first clinic together at Texas Neurology on the day of the freak snow apocalypse in Feb 2015. We were from the same area and had many friends in common. One of my favorite memories is of her telling the story of receiving a rock polisher from her husband. He thought he did so good on the gift and she just laughed at his earnest attempt to surprise her. I recently learned that she donated her body to science so that further research could be done.

Meg MacDonald passed in May 2015. We became friends through writing and shared all of the gory details of our daily struggles with ALS. We chatted almost every day about something, usually nothing major but always in a safe place to vent. She had gone MIA on me recently so I tracked down her care services person at the conference this week to try and reach her another way. The news of her passing has rocked me to my core. I am not dealing with this news very well.

I hate ALS. I hate that it’s hurting my friends. I’m raising my voice for these friends that I have loved and lost. Something has to be done, my heart can’t take much more.

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