6.12.18 We Can Dance if We Want To

Two weekends. Two bachelorette parties. Two groups of dancing queens.





If you know absolutely nothing about my girls, know this:

  1. We celebrate everything, to the fullest most over the top extent
  2. We are always dancing

Need to learn how to floss? We got you 😉

Need fun theme ideas? We got you!

Need good looking grooms that look even better standing next to their brides to be? Definitely have you covered!

I cannot wait to stand next to each of these gorgeous girls as they celebrate their big day! God truly blessed me with the best of the best to do life with, and I’m excited to support both of them as they marry the luckiest men on the planet. Returning the favor is going to so much fun!

Mexico here we come! I’m not sure they’re ready for two separate weeks with our bunch of crazies!

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