7.27.22 Week 3 Fight ALS Film Festival

Hope on the Horizon: An Expedition for ALS

“I just hope other people don’t have to go through what we went through” Quinn Ragan

We’ve raised over $3.5 million and it has all been given to A.L.S. families.

This film is a true testament to what crazy tthings people will do for people they love and causes. We all stressed over Bob and cheered for him. In our discussion we got chat with the Ragans and Cara who were stars in the film. HARK is currently helping Her ALS Story with fundraising for our retreat in September. Everyone needs a Donna and we are so thankful for her.

“as you all know, that the most challenging part of this illness is that the mind is fully functioning. He was so it’s so alive in his mind. “

“I think once people are educated to understand how great the need is, to really understand what a family needs and to care for that person with ALS, it never ends. And that can be it can be so intense sometimes that it’s not a job that any one person can ever do.”

“one thing that Martin really took to heart was getting out into the community and showing people what ALS is And it definitely made an impact in our community.”

“So my dad passed away when I was only seven years old. And working with this film crew really showed me that there is someone out there who cared, someone who was looking out for us. And to me, I felt all alone. I had my brother, I had my mom and I had our close knit group of friends. But other than that, it was fighting a battle that I know nothing about and our family knew nothing about.”

The Her ALS Story group has realized the benefit of collaboration and in person events. If interested, donations towards our Wellness Retreat in Madison, Wisconsin can be made here or here for tax purposes.

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