7.26.22 Week 2 Fight ALS Film Festival

VICE: Die Trying

People with disabilities don’t just sit at home

and stare at a wall. We lead interesting, meaningful and valuable


This was tthe best 2nd edition of the Fight ALS Film Festival because it shows the tenacity it takes to live with this disease. We had several pALS on the call using Eyegaze technology which is just amazing. Angelina is a wealth of information and is always encouraging others to pursue their dreams.

“ I often hear from people who have watched the doc, and that’s really rewarding to know that it’s still impactful to people living with ALS and random strangers.”

“Well, to be frank, you simply don’t live a normal life with ALS because even the smallest task requires the maximum effort, even if it’s just getting out of bed for the day. But you can still live a full life with the help of others.”

The Her ALS Story group has realized the benefit of collaboration and in person events. If interested, donations towards our Wellness Retreat in Madison, Wisconsin can be made here or here for tax purposes.

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