4.12.19 Ker Plunk

Last night was too much fun: art, downtown FW, friends, family, fried food on a stick, Officer Barden and Le Freak.


By now we are close enough for me to confide my passions with you. There are few things that I love more that cold beer and fried food ESPECIALLY fried food on a stick and this babe is my soul sister

Wouldn’t be a true experience without me embarrassing myself. Bronson and I were strolling along, catching up, and I took one of those cord protector speed bump things at the wrong angle. Hello ground, I’m Sunny and this is Garth the scooter – thanks for having us! I tipped over, hit the ground HARD, and full on embarrassed myself and poor Bronson.

bronson 2

Stopped traffic, scared the innocent bystanders, and made an entrance in full Sunny fashion. I refused medical attention, and praise the Lord I didn’t break my elbow. All of me and Garth the Scooter landed on my left elbow – ouch! No head trauma, all confidence depletion, and cleared for disco dancing by Dr. Lester.

Truth is: I’m sore. I’m terrified about tomorrow because day 2 is always the worst. Whiplash is no joke. I still have my teeth and no concussion so we’re going to mark this as a successful fall. Don’t try this at home. Do catch boogie fever with friends and family and fried food on a stick in the most beautiful downtown in the history of ever.

Also, we’re rounding out round 20 of Radicava Ridiculousness – can you believe it?

Happy Friday!



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