11.13.18 Bullsh*t

I refuse to be responsible for what comes out of my mouth, you can take that up with my mother.

Clinic was full of giggles and interruptions, but that’s nothing new. Tom and I made faces at each other through the appointment. Susan and I talked loudly about her need to get her act together and get out of that boot. Ralph smelled as good as he looked, really it was a great day.

There’s 2 ALS Clinics each month and I used to be in the first but now I’m in the second. Not a big deal, just missing some of my first week peeps. You see, there’s a high level of anxiety that accompanies this appointment if someone isn’t there. ALS is mean, and absenteeism usually means decline or death – neither of which I’m comfortable with. I might just start going to every appointment, meet new people, get in the way, annoy Sheilah – the General, etc.

I got to smooch on all of my favorites except for Tad and Kristen, you’re both in big, big trouble. This appointment rounded out 3 years of multidisciplinary clinic at Texas Neurology, this crowd of miscreants are my life preservers. Example:

While I was back with Dr. Heitzman for my evaluation, he mentioned that I had significant weight change. I respond that it was still in the 10 pound range. He insisted it was more drastic than that, and after looking at his notes said “Almost 40 pounds”. My response:


Everyone laughed, turned out to be a clerical error and we all celebrated with a muffin.

My numbers were good, same on grip and pinch, breathing was up and I got in trouble for not using my bipap (shocker). Almost through Round 15 of Radicava Ridiculousness and lots of phone calls going out this week to get an idea of what 2019 is going to look like.

Thoroughly enjoyed the day with my tribe. These two women keep me sane, force me to be better and do better in every thing life has in store for us. Hell hath no fury like that of my tribe on a mission. We’ve gone to the deepest lows, buried family and friends, beat cancer, and make daily attempts to conquer marriage, children, deployment, terminal disease, etc.

Next clinic is in February, who wants to go?

3 thoughts on “11.13.18 Bullsh*t

  1. TX Neurology on a day other than Friday??? My mind is spinning! 😁
    Please tell the team that I miss getting to see them! What a great group of people!❤️


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