3.19.17 She’s Mine 

In March of 2016 I accepted a coffee date with the Executive Director of MDA Fort Worth. Previously the invitation had been extended by someone else but it went to my spam folder, then life got busy, there were holidays and a new boyfriend so it was March before we got together and staff changes had occurred. 

I’d like to take this time to educate you on the wonderful organization that is MDA. As far as my ALS goes, MDA serves most if not all of my needs. ALS is classified as a neuromuscular disease and is one of the big focuses of MDA in terms of research dollars, services, and care. I have the privilege of attending the MDA Clinic every three months and have the best multidisciplinary team, ever. Also, I am involved in clinical trials through research funded by MDA. Moral of this story: MDA is saving my life. 
So back to March, I accepted a coffee date and ended up meeting one of my favorite people on this planet. Our first meeting quickly shifted from ALS, to personal and the rest is history. Caitlin quickly became my friend first, and my ALS advocate second. In August, Caitlin and I tag teamed an awesome presentation for VisionFW about living with Grit and all of the amazing things MDA is doing in the world of ALS. We completely rocked it, of course, and over 100 people were there to learn all about MDAs war on ALS. From their site: “Since its inception, MDA has dedicated almost $325 million to ALS research and health care services.”

Our friendship has strengthened through the months and we’ve done a lot of celebrating. Caitlin showered me before my wedding and supported my chaos while planning with lots of happy hour dates and hugs. 

Caitlin is amazing. Her faith and trust in Gods plan for her life is inspiring. She jumps into opportunities and thrives, and as her friend and cheerleader I am so proud to call her mine. Last night we celebrated her as she moves into the next chapter of her life and takes on Austin and teaching. 

Thankfully Caitlin shares her successes with all of us and the world is a better place because of her efforts. Everyone needs a Caitlin, and I’m thankful she is mine. 

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