8.23.17 National ALS Biorepository

Baloo Bear holding my hand after the draw

Apparently, I don’t need my blood for myself. Anything for science, right? PLM took 5 tubes Saturday while we were in Boston, and the CDC took 5 tubes yesterday for the National ALS Biorepository.

What is the National ALS Biorepository?

The term biorepository usually refers to a facility that collects and stores samples of biological material. These samples could include blood, urine, tissue, cells, DNA, and proteins. Some medical data may also be stored along with a written consent form. These samples may be used for future research.

This Biorepository may help scientists better understand the cause(s) of ALS. Researchers may be able to study the genetic variation in those with ALS. Analysis of these types of specimens has already proven useful in finding important genes related to ALS and other motor neuron diseases. 

 I’ve shared with you before my feelings on death and dying, and getting my advanced directive in place was on the 30 by 30 list. Now, I’ve signed the consent to be part of the postmortem collection. 

The donation of brain; spinal cord; cerebral spinal fluid; and pieces of muscle, skin, and bone. 

I am willing to donate anything I can if it means that one day no one will suffer from this disease. 

Prayers that ALS is only temporary, for all of us, our families, and our future selves. ALS sucks. 

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