10.9.17 Flipped’er Again

Kenneth and I spent the weekend in Hico in celebration of Tanna and Tom. All dressed up and rolling into the wedding, I was looking ahead and talking to the father of the bride and “tokyo drifted” into the ceremony. skinned my knee, showed off my underwear and embarrassed myself once again in a crowd of people I love- always a good time on the scooter.

We got’em married and off to Cabo. I love me some Tanna and Tom.

Sunday was day 5 of Radicava and our first day on our own. It wasn’t the most seamless experience but we got it done and the IV out. Learning to appreciate the successes, regardless of the path to get there. Kenneth is golfing today for Autobahn in the “One Safe Place” charity tournament so last night we attended the dinner and introduced Phil to a celebrity.

It wasn’t the Sunday we planned on but I love any opportunity I get to dress up with this guy and enjoy a night out.

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