10.23.17 Port Party

Not to be confused with a porta potty

Round 1 of Radicava Ridiculousness is done, whoooo hoooooo! As promised, port placement is taking place before round 2 starts. We’re kicking off this “Port Party” on Monday, October 30.

Surgery should take about an hour and I’ll be back at work on Tuesday. No more IVs or ugly bruises, I’ll go to Soleo and get the port accessed twice during each round. 10 administrations over a 14 day period so each round will look different depending on our agenda during each round.

On Saturday, Kenneth and I enjoyed a night out with long lost friends and country music. This week is going to be epic as we finally get our Cass&SamP married off. Ready, Set, Go! Busy, busy week then surgery.

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