10.26.17 Cat’s Outta the Bag

Last week I shared with y’all about some upcoming transitions that are coming up in the Erasmus house.

My last day with JA is going to be Friday, November 3rd. The decision to leave JA and file for disability is not an easy one, but the opportunity to focus on my family amidst this disease’s havoc on my body is one I am excited about. Kenneth and I have prayed for peace and confidence through this transition. I’ve never not had a job, and the financial change is terrifying but we are confident that God will continue to bless us and our family.

We cannot thank you enough for the continued prayers, love, and support that this disease continues to throw our way. We’re learning everyday what our new definition of normal is.

OF COURSE I’m working on a list of nonnegotiables that Kenneth and I want to focus on, both separately and together, that we haven’t had the energy or time to do while I was working full time and everything included in that commitment. Similar to the 30 by 30 list, I plan to put my list into view so that y’all can encourage, pray for, and remind me of the blessings that are included in this transition.

SunnyStrong is going amazing places, and this change is only going to encourage our growth and reach.

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