10.30.17 Surgery Day!

Port Party is officially upon us! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a nervous wreck. My focus all last week was getting to the wedding, and now that the wedding was perfect I’m left without distractions. Look how beautiful the brand new Powell’s are:

(how’s that for distraction?)

I’ve never had surgery before, unless you count my wisdom teeth but I don’t know why you would, so this is completely foreign territory. To be fair, I’d probably be nervous even if this was my 10th time going under the knife. Not sure if I’ve told you this before but I have a compulsion to be in control, always. Kenneth loves this about me, ha! Surgery is the ultimate forfeit of control so hello anxiety, I’m Sunny…

ALS Sucks, you know that, I know that but we’re not going to let it hinder our progress. I believe that one day we will live in a world without ALS, so this is my contribution towards making that dream a reality. Radicava Ridiculousness continues. Anxiety and nerves aside, we’re doing this dance. Boomshakalaka

Can’t wait to show y’all my cool battle scar!

This weekend had nothing to do with ALS and everything to do with this gorgeous sister cousin of mine. So thankful to be part of her big day! Love wins, every single day.

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