10.24.17 Why Does #ALSSuck ?

We’ve kicked off our Mudlove Campaign and so far we’ve done an excellent job of getting the word out. Now that we’ve started receiving our Mudlove products, let’s really make this campaign work.

Using a pic of your Mudlove swag, tell the world why #ALSSucks

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For me, #ALSSucks because it robs my sweet husband of his fun loving, energetic wife. It robs my sisters of a lifetime of unconditional love and support against everything life throws at us. It robs my nieces and nephews of a fun aunt that knows all the good intel on their parents. It robs my my family of the “sweetest one”. It robs my friends of a future where we grow old together and tackle life head on, hand in hand. It robs me of the capability of being a good mom one day. It robs me of my ability to care and provide for my family the way I want to. It robs Ian and Baloo of a mom that plays the way they want to.

#ALSSucks because I’m unable to be the wife, sister, daughter, aunt, friend, family, future mother that I know I was meant to be. We have to cause a ruckus and create a world without ALS. We can do that through awareness, coming together to show the world why #ALSSucks for everyone enduring the havoc of this cruel disease.

Join me, join us – why does #ALSSuck?

Other ways to get involved:

Walk with us!

SunnyStrong Swag

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