Round 2, Day 1

So I got my port on Monday

Rating: 3

Notes: Still sore and bruised but the 14 day window for round two of Radicava Ridiculousness opened Wednesday so we had to get it accessed and going.

Hurt like a SOB but we’re rockin’ and rollin’ after 3 sticks to access the port. i’m sure i’m being a pansy but this eff’n hurts. in case you were curious, the needle is an inch long. zero fun, sir. thankfully Round 2 is only 10 infusions – cheers to 9 more!

6 thoughts on “Round 2, Day 1

  1. Are you going to poke every day? Two weeks after port surgery mine didn’t hurt any more than a flu shot. And the home oncology nurse doesn’t like the idea of poking every day.


  2. Hey girlie! My name is Carla and I’m old enough to be your Mama. Somehow I stumbled across your blog and got hooked on it. I live in Stephenville, have a daughter at TSU, and also have a neuromuscular disease and go to UTSW for care. I also had a port for 15 years! You need some EMLA or LMX cream to put over the port an hour or so before getting stuck! It will numb it completely. Also, find a nurse who can access the thing! Three sticks is no bueno! Cheers!


      • You do need a script. In a pinch I’ve used Baby OraGel and it works. I’d just put a big blob over the port and cover it with a piece of Glad Press N Seal and I’d be good to go.


  3. Hi Sunny! Thank you for your courage and stepping up to the plate for all is us in the sucky club. And please give Phil a bear hug for me for standing with you! My prayers are with you and may God give you peace during this round…And thanks for keeping us informed thru this blog!
    Jim from Maryland but born in Texas


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