11.6.17 Team Tom

Saturday was the ALSA walk to defeat ALS and it was AWESOME! I heard what the final headcount for the event was but there was a great turnout and almost $104k raised.

the superstars of the event were the Fruges and Team Tom. You’ve met Tom during Round 1 of Radicava Ridiculousness. He and I are one week apart on this adventure with Radicava. I got my port last Monday, he is joining the Port Party today. if you have time, please send some prayers up for him, surgery is scary and exhausting for all.

We love us some Fruges, y’all! It is a horrible, sucky club to be in but man Nancy and Tom make it bearable – dare I say, fun? And they are fundraising masters with more than $40k raised!

Fun day with amazing people. Thank you to everyone who walked, donated, shared and loved on everyone involved with this great event.

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