11.7.17 Cotton Candy

We came, we ate, we conquered. Baton Rouge was a fantastic getaway.

After lunch we headed out to enjoy the local fare, but nowhere we wanted to go was open on Monday. We found a great beer garden and arcade called Corporate.

Everyone’s favorite Aunt Dish sent us to Ruffino’s for dinner and holy frijoles it was good. I’m still so stink’n full and radiating garlic – you are welcome fellow passengers!

We doubled this getaway as our anniversary trip. Hard to believe it’s already been almost a year. We definitely enjoyed the early celebration

We have been on a full on sprint since last Thursday so we are looking forward to being home, sleeping in our bed, but this week is just as insane: infusions, photo shoot, clinic, anniversary, Baloo class, Fritzy and Jesse wedding – list goes on and on. Our life is crazy, but we’ll always have each other.

In case you haven’t seen the video from yesterday:

3 thoughts on “11.7.17 Cotton Candy

  1. What an amazing young woman you are. I’m so happy to call you friend but wish we had met under different circumstances. Your spirit is so uplifting. When I’m having a bad day I know I can see a post from you and it makes me smile. ❤️


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