12.21.17 And Theeeeeennn

I’ve been posting some pretty blah stuff lately, sorry for any worry or concerns. All is good in the hood, promise!!

So last week I got a call from Nina the Great that they got some info back on the Rasagaline trial. In case you forgot, I joined this drug trial during my second opinion appointment at UTSW andparticipated for a year. It was a double blind, placebo controlled study that was researching the idea that since this drug is FDA approved to slow the progression of Parkinson’s why not ALS? Because this drug is already on the market I could have gotten a prescription for off label use rather than getting it through the study, but where’s the adventure in that? Anyway, I found out last week that during the trial I was on the drug, not the placebo. Doesn’t mean a whole lot in the grand scheme of things but cool to think that I chose to contribute to science and didn’t waste a year taking sugar pills. Once I know the official results of the study I’ll share them with y’all.

And theeeeeeen today I got a call from the Hartford letting me know that I have been approved for long term disability. Definitely not something I would have ever imagined happening 3.5 years ago when I started at JA and checked that box during new employee orientation, but I thank God everyday for this provision. Saved our lives! Not too many almost 31 year olds who are thinking about LTD benefits out there, but I’ve never been one for going with the grain. Not entirely sure what would have happened if I hadn’t been approved but I know one sweet brown boy that would not be on board with me having to go back to work. We’re getting pretty good at this snuggle stuff.

And last on today’s list of “not blah” topics, while I was enjoying dinner with my best frannnns and our newly 6 baby love, my sweet sweet husband was home wrapping gifts, AND doing laundry, AND cleaning the kitchen. He’s my cherry pie! I hit the jackpot with this wonderful husband of mine.

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