Round 4, days 4 -7

Kenneth knocked out days 4&5 then I brought in a celebrity nurse for days 6&7 of this infusion.

Wonderful best friend getaway in Austin for a couple of days of wedding planning and catching up. She completed both infusions and deaccessed the port without passing out, winning! ALS is teaching all of us new things. Of course she snapped it to the other girls who didn’t react as gracefully, sorry I don’t have photos of those.

Came home to a complete mess, thank goodness Kenneth was home to take care of everything. House flooded, water everywhere, and now fans and dehumidifiers have moved in. Thankfully we have great friends that came to our rescue. Sid and Zach at DMR Services took care of us before we moved in and now they’re saving us again! Can’t wait to show y’all the finished product, until then just trust me when I say that I’m as discombobulated as I look. Homeownership is fuh-uhn!

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