2.13.18 Watch Him Work

Ok y’all know how busy Kenneth and I are every day, but what the heck are we even doing to be so busy? What do we have to show for all of this busyness? Why are we even so busy? Well we’re going to slow down, as best as we can, and make our marriage a priority this season of Lent. No, we’re not Catholic but we both enjoy a challenge and a clearly devised plan of attack so Lent is attractive to both of us.

“The happiest of couples are those who make their marriage a priority and are committed to improving their relationship, in big and small ways, day in and day out. A happy marriage takes work. Lots of work. And a healthy dose of sacrifice too.” – Catholic Match Institute 

Since Lent officially starts tomorrow, February 14th, and goes through March 29th we are excited to share with y’all, our village of supporters, our plan towards a life where our marriage is our top priority, allowing God to uses our trials and tribulations to bless us and our village around us. Are you ready to watch him work? Are you ready to see how God uses these 44 days to unite us for his glory? I’m excited, we’re excited.

After LOTS of research, polling of friends and family, and discussion we agreed on the following:

  1. Daily Prayer Cards from Your Modern Family to be discussed nightly
  2. No take out for dinner which is going to require planning and grocery shopping on our end – something neither of us is in the habit of currently

Please pray for us. Pray for our hearts to be open and receptive during this time. Pray for discovery and strength to trust his revelations. Pray for focus and commitment to this project, our marriage, our hearts, and our bellies. Please send us recipes that you can’t live without, variety isn’t our forte so save us from sandwiches and hotdogs. We are excited to share this journey with you and can’t wait to see what God has in store.


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