3.26.18 Ode to Garth

As promised, we’re going to spend the week recapping all the wonderful things going on with SunnyStrong. In case you forgot, Kenneth and I went to see Garth Brooks last weekend at the Houston Rodeo and let me tell you, wow. I’m still amped up, singing Shameless at the top of my lungs, and on a high like no other. We drove down Saturday and spent St. Patrick’s Day with the newlyweds and Sunday at the Rodeo then drove back late Sunday night. Thankfully for Kenneth I kept him awake with my singing and nonesense rambling – he may have a different description πŸ™‚


You know how much I love corndogs, so of course we got a pic with one but my biggest regret of the weekend was not standing in line for the homemade peach cobbler and ice cream. Kacy and I are still pouting about it. I dream about it. Moving on, the scooter is now affectionately named Garth and was the true MVP of the weekend.


So we’re hooked, we’ll follow Garth anywhere – best concert in the history of ever. And y’all when Trisha came out and sang “She’s in love with the boy” I nearly cried. Life changing. I just got chills thinking about it.


So in celebration of our first date with Mr. Yearwood, the posts this week are going to have a Garth theme. Honestly it’s because I have every song on replay in my head so it’s a natural connection. If you ever get the chance to see Garth in concert, GO! And take me with you πŸ™‚



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