3.28.18 Wrapped Up in You

“Every now and then when the world That we’re living in is crazy. You gladly hold me and carry me through, No one in the world has ever done. What you do for me and I’d be Sad and lonely if there were no you” – Garth Brooks


I could not be more proud to be from Hico. We’ve discussed on many occasions my love for my hometown and the amazing people who also call it home. Some of you may be surprised to know that we moved to Hico when I was  just starting 3rd grade. Before that we lived one year in Normangee and all of the others in Fort Worth. I believe with all my heart that Hico is the center of the universe and that my Mama got us there as fast as she could.

On Tuesday, March 20th the Lady Tigers took on the Lady Bulldogs in a marathon of a game. So nostalgic to be back watching a program I devoted four years to playing a friendly rival at a field that we prayed for. I wasn’t part of the starting group, but appreciate their devotion to a sport we loved so much so that they played with the boys before softball was introduced at HHS. The field was an answered prayer, the nicest field we’d ever had, and the beginning of an era that lives on today.


Coach Underwood and his team are game changers. The ALS Awareness Softball game was one for the books, the impact both of these teams had on me will not be forgotten. These athletes have no reason to honor me, much less care about this has-been, but their commitment beyond the field is inspiring. I miss playing, I miss the game, and these girls are doing a great job keeping this program thriving in both Hico and Hamilton. As alignments change, enrollment numbers fluctuate, it would be easy to eliminate programs due to funding or participation  but there is history and pride in these teams that’ll take your breath away. I roped Brother Brous into being my plus one for the day so I remained on my feet. It takes a village, and my village is lucky to have good looking, very tall men like Justin who let me talk them into 5 hour softball games.


No matter how far I get from home, it’s always exciting to see yourself in the Hico News Review. HUGE thank you to Jerry McAdams and his staff for sharing my story. I rushed into Rangler’s on my way back to FW to pick up copies. PS if you ever need ideas on what to get me, ever, click on the link above for Jerry, I’ll take one off each 🙂


The icing on the cake of a gorgeous day at the field, those sweet Hico Lady Tigers gave me the game ball. Y’all, my cup runneth over. I’ll always be a Lady Tiger.




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