4.11.18 Sheri Found a Foster Home

“Now I’m on a roll and I swear in my soul tonight I’m gonna paint this town. So bring me two Piña Coladas I gotta have one for each hand. Let’s set sail with Captain Morgan, and never leave dry land. Any troubles I forgot’em I buried’em in the sand. So bring me two Piña Coladas and say hello to her good timin’ man” -Garth Brooks

Saturday was a big day in my little world, with each contributing event deserving of its own acknowledgment. Never have I had such a dynamic range of emotions, from the highest high to the lowest low. It’s now Wednesday and I still cannot fully process the enormity of the days events, so please stay with me as I work through the hardest, most beautiful 24 hours to date.

We got this sweet couple married off Saturday night in Eastland. You’ll recognize the cute blonde in the middle, that’s my Jaci. JD and Sheri, or “Jeri” as the preacher dubbed them, are the epitome of perseverance and commitment to loving someone more than yourself. When I acquired Jaci in college, her mom took in all of us, even when it was snowing and she didn’t want us at her house. In true “Sunny” fashion, JD also came to us connected through my Aunt Kelly and Ricochet Fuel.

The wedding was gorgeous, the cake delicious and my dates were perfect. It was a beautiful wedding.

Kenneth and I were able to add to the Erasmus Family Funny Farm as Sheri chose her husband over his allergen. Dawg is settling into the chaos and has even ventured out of the shadows and into the living room. Big Step! We have some work to do to get our 3 fur babies comfortable with each other but so far it’s going well.

Had to steal a picture from Sheri as Dawg has yet to be available for photographs. He’ll come around, Ian and Baloo will make sure of it. If you recall, Ian is my first baby and he was adopted from Jaci in the fall of 2015. Together we fell in love and married Kenneth, bought a house, and added Baloo Bear. Team Erasmus is one big happy and extremely sleepy family!

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