4.12.18 Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House

“This time I found a keeper, I’ve made up my mind Lord, the perfect combination is her heart and mine. The sky’s the limit, no hills too steep, we’re playing for fun but we’re playing for keeps.” – Garth Brooks

In case you forgot, I’m getting a sister in September! She’s a yankee, kinda talks funny sometimes but good gracious we love her. Part of the wedding process is a bridal shower and since we have two brides we got to do things a little differently.

We had everything a bride could want: mimosas, whataburger, presents and crazy toddlers running a muck the entire time. We had lots of laughs, good family time and even got to smooch on some faces I haven’t seen in a while.

It was a cold and yucky morning but we showered Casey and Amanda and officially got the wedding festivities started.

The weekend also involved wedding dress shopping and everyone survived to tell about it. From what I was told, Amanda’s experience included tears of joy and emotion as she got the dress she wanted. Anyone who has ever been shopping with Casey for anything knows she was the only one crying because we kept making her try on different things. In the end, Casey also got the perfect dress and the store is still standing after 2.5 hours of hurricane Peyton.

Saturday was a whirlwind of emotions, from highest highs to lowest lows. Starting the events leading up to Casey and Amanda’s big day was definitely the highlight of a tough weekend. Seeing my sister, and best friend, love and be loved is everything I have prayed for my entire life. I wish I had the picture of Casey sitting in a dress we had her try on, just sitting and thinking. My heart was ready to burst in that moment of pride and confident beauty radiating from my sweet sister. Amanda is a wonderful addition to our crazy family.

The shower may have been for Casey and Amanda but these silly cousins stole the show.

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