4.24.18 Forgiveness

We’ve discussed, in depth, my passion for education. My involvement in college access programs like TRiO, Junior Achievement and GForce is part of who I am at my core. Education, in my opinion, is the most important investment a person can make – for themselves, for their families, and for their future. I knew that I was going to college, that was never negotiable. I looked for any reason not to continue my education and couldn’t find one, so 6 years, two universities, and two degrees later I had acquired my fair share of student loans.


I borrowed more than $21k to pay for grad school – undergrad was covered by scholarships, grants, and workstudy. I’ve been paying on these loans since 6 month after I graduated from Texas State in May 2011. $250 a month towards my investment in myself. My last statement balance in January was right at $9000, slowly I was making progress towards paying them off, then God stepped in.


Total loan forgiveness based on total and permanent disability. We’ve discussed, in depth, how much ALS sucks but this is a major blessing. Y’all, my student loans are gone. My masters degree is 100% paid for. How exciting!

tsu grad

Apparently Casey is the only one I took pics with in my cap and gown at Tarleton graduation in May 2009 – ha!

grad grad

Masters graduation May 2011 at Texas State, glad everyone could make the picture this time πŸ™‚

Student loan forgiveness is worth investigating, not just for medical purposes. If you haven’t logged into your account and researched your options, I encourage you to do it, do it now!

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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