6.1.18 Saturday the 19th

This should the last catch up post, I told you that week was crazy. So Carlie and I returned from DC on Wednesday and I spent all of Thursday in my jammies relaxing. Hiding out at my mama’s house in Hico is good for rest and relaxation. Friday was prep day for the 15th Annual Texas Steak Cookoff. One of the busiest weekends in my little town, but man is it fun.


We cooked 146 steaks for the public, close to 60lbs of steak for appetizers, and made it into the top 30. We even had to improvise without a ladder to fix the tent.

We also gave away the big ass boot, pay no attention to me, just look at those steaks.

33922960_10101189794833966_7588549085603299328_n (1)

In it’s forever home out at the Bunkhouse

Cookoff is one of my absolute favorite things we do as a family every year. It’s a lot of work but we enjoy competing and have gotten pretty good at the process. Wanna know who didn’t like cookoff? Grandma Houston, and this year it happened to fall on what would have been her 85th birthday. I miss calling her to tell random stories. I miss her hugs. I miss all of her.


Thanks for letting me play catch up. It was an extremely busy week and half, each day full of important activities. Some of us are still working on recovering.


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