6.22.18 My Best Frann

My gorgeous pALS, Beth, posted this update the other day on her instagram, @thestyledmannequin follow her journey using the link above.

“When I first got diagnosed with ALS one of my biggest fears wasn’t the fact that I will become a prisoner in my own body, the significantly reduced life span, or the fact that I will inevitably suffocate to death, but what concerned me was that I wouldn’t be around for major milestones for my friends and family. However yesterday I was able to witness my best friend, Beth, marry her soulmate…”

As I sit here, in Mexico, watching my best friend get ready for her beach wedding my heart is overwhelmed with gratitude that my body is strong enough to be present in this moment. ALS has taken so much from me and those closest to me, but standing beside my girl on her day is not something I’d give up without a major fight.

Jaci and I met as randomly paired roommates during my senior year at Tarleton. I’ve been the leader of the “Jaci Fan Club” since then. We’ve lived a lot of life in our ten years of friendship: travel, career changes, death, love, marriage, terminal diagnosis, and lots more.

It’s a humbling experience to be a bridesmaid, and the Matron of Honor upgrade is insanity. I’m honored to serve her today and every day. Jaci is the definition of beauty and selflessness, you can see it in every aspect of her life, on and off the court, and in her relationship with Brennan. It’s tough sharing your person with someone else, we cried at my wedding over that hard realization, but she found a good one and he’s been best friend approved by Ashley and myself.

Please join me in congratulating the beautiful bride to be, and the future Mr. Jaci Johnson — Brennan knows exactly what he’s marrying into and together they are perfect.

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