7.10.18 I Love You the Moses

Cancun round two was perfect, as was the gorgeous bride and groom.

Does it get any more breathtaking than that? My best friend completely swept off her feet by the man of her dreams.

To witness two imperfect people love and be loved in perfect harmony is proof that we serve a God who loves us in our entirety. Trent is the man we prayed for, the piece of our family that we’ve been missing. I’m thankful every day that God created this man for my Kacy, but really really happy to have found my singing partner.

I could go on and on about my adoration for Kacy and Trent but the pictures speak for themselves. Standing next to my girl on her big day was truly an honor.

To the happy couple, Kenneth and I love you very much. We are so very excited to love and support you on this journey.

And per usual, I had the cutest date in all the land.

One thought on “7.10.18 I Love You the Moses

  1. This wedding was truly amazing!!! Every one of Kacy and Trent’s friends were amazing, adorable, loving, kind, funny, incredible dancers and beautiful souls!!! We were so blessed to be a part of this blessed event. I can say that Kacy’s Aunts had the best time…I’d say us old geezers kept up with the best of them! We absolutely loved and enjoyed each one of you!!!! Anyone say TEQUILA!!! Aunt Kathy XO


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