9.5.18 It’s Wedding Week


Many of you know that I have twin sisters, and that for some reason I rarely talk about them separately. As I type that I realized that it’s for safety measures, power in numbers, better to be grouped together rather than singled out. Well, not this week. Y’all know Carlie, she’s great and creates perfect children, but this week is all about Casey and her bride to be, Amanda.


Over the next 3 days we’re going to celebrate by playing a fun game called “Did you know?” starring the beautiful couple, both separately and together.

Did you know that Amanda is a Yankee?


Of course I mean this jokingly, she’s from Buffalo Grove, Illinois but we like to tease her anyway. It’s not overly obvious that she’s in foreign territory until she uses certain vowels or is in Hico and our country accent tries to join the mix. It’s fun to see others realize this fun fact when in conversation, always asking “Where is that accent from?”

Did you know that Casey is the baby?


And I mean baby in every sense of the word. She is catered to by everyone around her, and when it’s not up to her standards she is unafraid to tell you how to fix it. Carlie is to blame, she can’t reach me right now so I can say that, because she’s always been there to attend to Casey’s needs. For the most part I’m kidding, but I think you’d find more “yeas” than “nays” in this discussion. She’s our baby, and she’ll let you know it.

Did you know that Amanda and Casey just bought a house?


Yankee or baby, that’s a huge step for them. They live in what we consider “The Circus” which includes Ollie, Frankie, Peach, and Lacy. Both girls are die hard fans of their pets, putting the needs of their fur-babies above their own.  Their new house is perfect for their circus, two stories of roaming room and an array of wildlife that finds it’s was into the backyard – a snake, a tarantula, a bunny, and counting.


I hope you enjoyed this installment of “Did you know?” Stay tuned for more interesting facts about our beautiful brides to be.

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