9.6.18 Did You Know?

Welcome back to Round 2 of “Did you know?” featuring our brides to be. Yesterday was pretty mild, so we’re going to amp it up a little more today and tomorrow.


Did you know that Casey LOVES to dance?

This is entertaining because most would classify Casey as ‘introverted’ on the personality scale, but this girl is the true dancing queen. With Amanda, separately, with strangers, with the wall – sometimes there isn’t even music, just dancing. We learned how to dance in Mah’s kitchen while growing up in Hico, and spent the majority of our time at Tarleton dancing the nights away. Peyton is quickly following in his Aunt Casey’s footsteps, his latest routine is set to Farmer in the Dell. Here’s a few fun pictures to prove this fact.

Did you know that Amanda HATES bugs?

We’re talking Hercules caliber strength comes out in times of bug avoidance. Taking her to Hico is so much fun because she is constantly in fear of the possibility of a bug. I once watched her, while playing paddleball in Mah’s front yard, catch a large locust like bug in the paddle, on accident, and throw it – paddle and all – at Nolan Ryan speed at Casey. I choose to believe that she continues to allow us to expose her to this torture because of the absolutely perfect pictures she gets with Peyton while she’s there.

Did you know that Casey and Amanda are BOTH touchy-feely?

Lies. Amanda will take hugs anyway she can get them, from anyone who is offering – Casey not so much. You want to see a tiny body go into full on stiffness, walk up behind Casey and try to rub her shoulders. Amanda will be right beside offering a congratulatory hug. Rumor is Casey really likes it when you touch her shins, try it next time you see her! Luckily for us opposites attract ❤


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