9.7.18 Lovin’ is What I’ve Got

Tomorrow is the big day, and also Drunkle Sam’s birthday, so everyone be sure to wish him well!


So here we are, Round 3 of “Did you know” featuring our beautiful brides. The next time I post I will be doing so with a brand spank’n new sister – how cool is that? So let’s do this dance 🙂

Did you know that Amanda LOVES memes?

Specifically this one, enjoy!


Did you know that they BOTH love Disney movies?

So much so that Casey told people her middle name was Anastasia through college. So much so that their early dates involved seeing Disney movies together. So much so that either can bust out into song and dance on demand for any Disney movie theme song you can imagine. So much so that one is playing or about to be played every time you’re at their house.


Did you know that they met while working for PCPD?

Preston Center Pediatric Dentistry holds a piece of all of our hearts. Dr. Riehs is still a close friend of the brides, and mine, so go see him! Luckily for us, Casey didn’t make it past day 3 dental assistant, but Amanda did! I don’t do teeth, so weird that we lose them – bleh – so we’ll just leave it to the professionals.


Did you know they are getting married TOMORROW?


In case I forget to tell y’all later, I had a really good time celebrating you both this weekend.

Love’s what I got,

Don’t start a riot,

You’ll feel it when the dance gets hot

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