10.11.18 Well Hello There

Y’all have to give me an E for Effort on this one. I tried to do something new and nice and I took out A LOT of “Uh’s” but some were determined to remain. Bottom Line: I love you, we’re going to Rock the Walk, and Cindy the Great has lots of fun things planned for Team SunnyStrong.


As of today we have broken the $1000 mark – whooo hooo! If you haven’t registered yet, you can do so by clicking here. We are asking everyone on Team SunnyStrong to register so that we know who is coming.


Shirts! Order your shirt today HERE! I’ll take orders through Friday, October 19th so that we will have them for the walk. Don’t wait, ORDER TODAY!


Register for Team SunnyStrong

Order Your Shirts

Get Your “Sunnyness” Ready for October 27th

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