11.19.18 Thankful

I am struggling for the right words but I feel they are right at the surface, ready to break free. When a topic of discussion for this blog enters my brain, and my heart, I cannot concentrate on much else until I speak it out of me and into existence. Not every topic carries this amount of weight, but this one feels like I’ve been walking around in wet socks for a week now. I’ll find the words, I have to find the words, but it’s not going to be today. Death makes absolutely no sense, none whatsoever, and I’m struggling with that fact.

One thing I can definitely do today, and every day, is be thankful. So much to be thankful for. I don’t say “Thank You” enough to the people around me, physically and virtually, but I am truly very, very thankful.

“We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.” John F. Kennedy

This quote smacked me hard in the face. So much of what I accomplish every day is dependent upon others, there’s no reason I cannot slow down and say “thank you”. This independent, hardheaded, bossy, smart mouthed woman is adjusting to this life of dependency, So bare with me.

Saturday we attempted to replicate “Grandma Rolls” and I’m certain she enjoyed our efforts. It’s really not fair that she left us to fend for ourselves. We weren’t properly trained for this task. I miss her every single day. Thankful that she was my Grandma Houston.

Friendsgiving Saturday night was a great success. How cute is this picture of everyone? Our group continues to grow and the babies are a funny addition to the bunch. Thankful for this tradition.

Last Saturday my best friends stole me for some much needed catchup and ice cream. We are all so, so busy but I’m thankful that they broke me out of the house and pumped me full of sugar.

Wednesday I got to steal Kenneth away from work for a few hours to do some filming for ALS Texas. I’m very thankful this man tolerates my crazy and loves me through this life.

And the cherry on the sundae that is independence: a standing recliner. This was a gift from two of the greatest women, friends, mamas a girl could ever ask for. And if you notice I’m not the only one who is enjoying the new chair. I’m eternally thankful for the addition of a seat in the house that I can definitely get up from, they are getting fewer over time.

In life and death, I’m thankful for so many, many things. I’ll find the words, I’m going crazy having this inside my heart. Until then, the only word I can come up with is “Thankful”.

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